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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Is it the time for me to stop?

Do I need to make a few more steps to complete my exacting journey?.

I'm afraid, if I can't take all this anymore, will...there be someone to support me when I fall?

whether they catch me from behind, or be with me silently and protecting me without alert.

It'll be wonderful if only my life is a part from the thousands fairy-tale.

It's really okay for me if it's only a chapter or a page.

To live, to dream, to breathes, in a peaceful way, I'll give anything to make my life better than now.

Should I change everything including my unfinished story?

Change the way I talk, the way I walk, the way I eat, the way I act, the way I think....

and should I change the way I enjoy every bit of my laughs too?

Yeah, sometimes we can't help ourselves from asking, why life is so unfair?.

We have to give to get what we want. But can we bear with the cost of giving?

It takes more efforts just to get what we need, it can be beyond our strengths.

Friends, family, Him and Zhang Yixing. This is not the only weakness I have.

Insecurities, afraid and worry I'll never be good enough for the society, for myself.

My dream seems hard for me to achieve but is it wrong for me to at least, try to catch them?

Hold them, protect them, cherish them, can I do all that?

But first...

Give me time to search for my own happiness, even that's mean I have to sacrifice everything..

lot's of love, Nadya.

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