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Monday, 7 October 2013

Truly, Zhang Yi Xing

There are 365 days in a year. 

As 24 hours gradually passed by every single day, one and a half year passed~ 

During this time, there were too many surprises, too many touching moments, too much sadness, too much pride.

Every single birthday grants me a chance to communicate with you guys on this platform~ 

For my birthday message this time, I want to share my heart felt feelings with everyone, okay? ^^

When I was studying, I never dreamt of being able to stand on a world stage. 

To sing for everyone who supports me, maybe this was just a dream. 

I only hoped the songs I wrote could get recognized by everyone, or have to ability to do something in the music industry. 

However that dream came true now, because of SM entertainment and the people who helped me along the way! 

However, I am still a little lost, lost in a sense — what am I supposed to do?

Maybe I’m still that kid who hasn't grown up, yet this job gave me a sense of responsibility, made me grow up, carrying it to continue to move on!

Throughout this journey, I slowly realized the change in myself, and change can be good or bad.

Actually it’s just like what I've said before, I just have a special job. 

I want to be like everyone. What I want to have is also like everyone, a normal human being no different from everyone. 

In those times, even though I achieved some recognition, I was never satisfied with myself!

Never give up being hardworking! I want to do my best! 

I want to tell the people who are supporting me, I don’t want to disappoint them in terms of my abilities!

Maybe because of these thoughts, I am often in my own world, as if no one can ever read or understand me. 

Friends encouraging me on the phone, and then I think of every hero who’s supporting me. Actually, I am very blessed, I should be contented. But if I don’t achieve perfection, will you guys still support me?

I often use this quote to motivate myself.

"Actually, this dream isn't far away. I only need to put in hard work to get the reward. We might miss the beautiful sceneries along the way, but in turn we will be able to see the rainbow that’s far away!" Do you guys agree?

Behind the birthday supports that looks so simple on the surface to us, how much hard work have you guys put in?

And these perspiration of hard work drips all over each corner of this world. 

In order to give me a short surprise, you guys might have spent one year of planning, one month of preparation, one day of waiting. 

I have witnessed everything. I really felt it. You guys really worked hard, suffered. Thank you. 

Actually I like to see you guys holding my fan boards, I like to listen to you guys scream. But watching you guys fall asleep because of waiting, hurt your throats because of cheering, get injured because of squeezing… I realized my own selfishness. 

I only wish you guys can take care of your own bodies, don’t get hurt, don’t be sad because of anything. Even if you’re sad, don’t be afraid! Because I’m here to write a healing song for all of you!

There was once at the airport, a fan asked me this. “What is the difference between this present I meticulously prepared and the letters other people meticulously wrote? Why don’t you accept presents?” 

I couldn't answer her. I only apologized. 

I’m still thinking if it’s a wrong decision to only accept letters… hence I am even a bit hesitant to accept letters now. 

Actually it’s like this. All these represents everyone’s sincerity. I know, I understand.

If you guys can come watch us EXO’s performance once, buy an album, hold my fan board, cheer for me just once; or for the fans faraway whom we can’t meet — just silently wishing me “Happy Birthday” etc in your hearts…. actually, all these are the best presents you can give to me!

Because I heard that some fans had to cut down on their living allowance just to buy an album, a present, or even contribute to fan support, and spend all the savings they have…

I know, actually we are all of the same age. Every amount of savings doesn't come easily, every amount of savings was hard to earn.

Hence, I said I wish everyone can make use of the money on something meaningful. 

Besides, there are really a lot of people in need of help all around the world. Being able to help others is also something everyone wishes for, but when it comes to finance I still hope everyone can contribute what they can! 

There is a little misunderstanding here, which can lead to blind donations…. 

and that is fans might assume that to do something meaningful would mean to donate money. Actually, it’s not always like this. 

When it comes to helping others, we can become a volunteer etc~

When it comes to money, I hope you all can buy yourself or your parents and family members some clothes, buy something you like or need for yourself or your family before you guys donate or send me gifts. Or you can buy more nice food, nutritional stuff for yourself and your family. 

After spending these money, you can then help those people in need~ 

If you do that, it will be considered a gift for me! 

A gift like this, I hope to receive it every year~

and  I also hope you can let your family like us together at the same time~

Watching us in front of the TV or coming to watch us live together with them, isn't it a blessing?

Also to give us support, you guys need energy, right?

It’s a must to take good care of your own body. If you don’t take good care of your body, how are you guys going to support and cheer for us so passionately all the time? I know you all are the best, of course you guys can do it!

As for me~ I only have one big head~ one neck, 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 feet, one body, 

I can’t finish wearing all the things you guys have given to me~ For some of them, I’m afraid that if I don’t wear it, you guys will feel hurt or sad. 

I am also unable to wear everything, afraid that you guys will feel if you gave me something wrong or bad.

Actually all the gifts are good! They’re all brilliant! Not only the physical gifts but also the videos and messages online…

These are all your efforts! I like and love them all! I only want you all to be happy everyday~ 

Protect yourself well~ Love yourself~ Actually gifts are not that important! 

Like I said, the love from you guys is the gift for me! 

And your support is also the strongest motivation for me to continue to strive on!

Thank you guys for everything~ I love you all~

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