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Monday, 17 June 2013


If you ask me what I wanted to do, I would answer you right away like this -

" no other than, teleporting myself to Korea "

Give me a good reason why I should I stay in this country. This place is hell, full with craps. You can't help yourself from getting judge by the peasants. I want a new life, a new name, a new history and don't ask me why I choose Korea as my destination. You never understand what's in my head. You never will so stop throwing me with your judgement, thank you.

Actually, I have another option other than Korea, um it's China. Hahaha thanks to my dear Lay for interfered my thought. For people who said I'm in love with all the Korean idols, it's wrong. Okay you heard me? It's totally wrong man. I'm in love with 4 gorgeous Chinese man from China ! Got problem?. Yayaya what ever, just talk to the hand cause' my face ain't listening.

So, for this midyear exam. My teachers already gave me the results except for my English's paper (u.u) and fortunately, my result aren't that bad. I failed for my Addmath paper (31%), as if I have something new for you guys. And unfortunately, I got 58% for my Mathematics. Ha ha ha ha I'm a genius right?! ^^ (sarcastic tone alert), and shall I tell you about my Science's result?.....sobs I'm on crack. I got 70%, it's frustrated me because I got 90% for my 1st test! My teacher told that I made a lot of careless mistakes! Ya man, I'm in doom. Be right back /jump off a cliff/

Excuse me! Now give all the way to the almighty Nadya some space. I need to be a smug brat for a second lol. Ehem, as expected, I ,the only genius yet talented girl in this blog~ got 4 A's ! Hahahahaha. Well, I got 74% for my Bahasa Melayu and I need 1 more point if I want to change my grade from B+ to A-, I hope my lovely teacher gonna help me /sniffle/. Weeeeee~ I'm so happy! Finally I got 83% for my Account from 70% back then, and 81% for Basic Economic from 55%. Oh not to forget my Religion's and History's result! I got 83% or something (not sure because Ustazah might add more points because I'm such a lovable student ^^) lol and 82% from 56%! Ahh~ this feel so good. I managed to challenge myself, so give me a big clap! /claps like a walrus/

Now, I still waiting for my English's paper (><) kindly wish me luck. I don't think I can get 90% for this time because it's a tough!. But despite all the hindrances, I wish for the best to myself and I hope I got at least 75% and above. Oh dear god please please help me! Don't make me tremble like I always did when the teacher announce the results. Please Please Please! /cross hands/

Eventually, I see a lot of improvements so I'm quite proud with my achievements! ^^

" See Nadya? You're not that useless, you're smart but you didn't know the fact. I know you can still maintain the good results in the future or you could make even better than this. Stop saying you're stupid. Things not gonna work if you keep cut your own confidence. Please, you're good enough to be a translator. You just need more practice, don't waste your time crying, stressing about shits in life. You have to be stronger, be tough! You can do this Nadya! You want to meet Zhang Yixing or not? /wiggle brows/ haha, make sure you help yourself first okay!. I know you can do it! Nadya Hwaiting! " 

Everytime I'm in gloom, You'll always be there. Thank you, love.

lots of love, Nadya.

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