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Sunday, 26 May 2013

sweetness of me

Oh I realized something, every post in my blog, ya into the gloomy sides and feels lol. Not everybody has to be happy all the time right?, that's not mental health. That's crap, and it's hard for me to share something that made me happy, maybe I thought I didn't need that kind of stuff because I can treasure them in my mind. So, basically, this post gonna be more smooth than the others  

The loves you receive when you're around your family. This kind of feeling you will never found whenever you're with other people or even you friends. Honestly, I'm not this kind of girl who adore her family more than anything, I hate them too. Depends on the situation, who like being controlled, to hear the nag even you didn't give a shit about it?. Well, I've my own dark side. I do curse sometime.

But whenever I've problems, especially when I'm in my teenage which is now, I've mom for me to split everything about how bad I felt, who and why I hated someone and about the burden when it comes to my 'school life'. And probably I'll count my sister in for being a nice sis. I love you sis. My dad, is the boring dad in the world, I love him for being him, himself. He hates me when I shot him with questions, um it's not my fault, he keep abandon my questions and I hate being abandon. lol it's fun when I hear he shout at me to keep quite by calling me with harsh words -.- god, you're lucky because you're my beloved father aing! *wink wink*

lmao, to the friends part here we go!. I do have many friend and bestfriend, They're part of my life! I love the feeling when I can't stop from laughing whenever I hang out with them. They made me cracked and I was near to die because I might get cramps while I laughing like a retarded seal lol.

Seriously, they said when they first saw me, they thought I was a fierce-type-girl and never thought that I like to laugh and even made a weird sounds whenever I laugh. It was so fun and full with excitement!. One of my friend said that I'm a cool girl...and I just stared at her, like seriously? Me? Myself? Cool? lol. I surprised, she's the first one who said that cool attitude suited me. Like hello, everybody in my life know me as the "clumsy-funny-happy-bubbly-type-girl" and I feel that I'm far from cool. I talk with a fast pace and even stumble on my own words. I'm a girl who act childish every time!. I bounce here and there. And I do feel that I'm cute! lol. So it's kinda feel like an honor when she said I'm cool! ^^ Awe, how I love the fact that you guys are all my friends!

When I look up at all this, I realize, I'm not alone. And one thing, I've tried to prefer the situation when I'm alone but I failed because I hate the feels when I'm alone. Hah, so I guess my life is not that bad right? I have family, friends and even God to protect me 

Thanks to everyone and thanks for everything 

lots of love, Nadya

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