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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I'm Lucky [CHP 02]

Starring: You and EXO.

You looked up to see two boys who took all your breath. One with brown hair and the other with his light blonde hair. They are really tall and ridiculous good-looking. You felt your heart beating fast. You thought back when you actually once imagined all this thing randomly before falling to sleep. Well it's happening right now and it's my freakin' favorite oh-tee-pee!. They shocked your fangirl soul to death, all you can do is act normal but you were literally dying inside.

They looked real and so breathtaking, you pinched yourself to make sure all this are not just another random dream of yours. Wow, god must love me. You briefly made an eye contact with Luhan and he just stood there with his blank face.You mesmerized how the big nerd spectacle suited him well and made him look younger. holy this cutie pie, lemme pinch your cheeks luhan-ah!. You squeezed your hand lightly and obviously you were burning, everyone can see it from your red cheeks. Kai was not easy to recognize because he wore a beanie on his head, it made him look cute though. You can't stop yourself to kept glancing at them, well blame them for being too gorgeous and hard to resist. Kai had his back facing you while he was checking himself out in the mirror in the lift. You thought it was sexy for him to checked out himself, you chuckled. Let just say both of them are perfect.

The lift finally reached our destination after the long ride from the 10th floor to the main lobby. It was worth it because you were in the same lift as KaiLu!. The boys made their first move and you followed their steps, not intend to follow them because that's the only way to the main lobby. You carefully watched your distance between them, you afraid they will misunderstood you as the sasaeng fan. But it still considered as close, but not too close.

You were staring at them and suddenly Luhan turns around and managed to catch your eyes. Kai, being curious as well turned his head at you. "Hye Luhan, Kai." that's the only thing that came out from your mouth because of their sudden attack,they barely heard what were you saying. But by looking your lips' move, they managed to understand it. "Hye" Luhan answered you with his fancy smile, Kai the dreamy guy did the same to you. Then, Luhan turned his head back to the exact place while head-locked Kai's as they made their way. They were giggling, you stood still and felt yourself froze for a minute. The hell was that for? Did I just interact with them?! Interact with the flawless KaiLu?! oh god what is air....

I was being lazy ;p Enjoy? 

lot's of love, Nadya

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