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Monday, 27 May 2013

I'm Lucky [CHP 01]

Starring: You and EXO.

You were scrolling down your timeline with your right thumb,while your other hand incautiously tapped the wall as you walked slowly towards the near lift. You were feeling thirsty and made a slack decision to finally get yourself out from your hotel room. You walked in a slow pace,there's no other mankind in the hallway except you. It was full with silence and the dim light didn't help at all. Somehow, it got on you and made you chills a bit.This is hell. You finally made yourself stepped in front of the lift and you pressed the 'going down' arrow button.

Few minutes passed, the door lift opened up. You can feel there was another presence when you entered the lift. You don't even bugged to take your head up from the phone screen. Judging from the shoes, you knew there was 3 people in the lift, including you and the fact is they're both boys, or maybe men or even worst pedophiles. You felt that you already starting to have cold feet and quickly snapped your nonsense thought. By keeping your head down,you succeed to settle down yourself at the corner of the lift, still scrolling your twitter's home.

"hyung" one of the guy called out Did I just heard the hyung word? Are they even korean? Or maybe the guy name was hyung. Wow, I think to much. "why" for the second time they caught your attention again. Wow, they're korean. Pedophiles from korea, that's sound legit. A grin appeared secretly on your face. Your still focused on the screen, while you're scrolling, this one tweet made your eyes glued on it. You heard the boys spoke something to each other but you were too busy to catching up with them.


You near getting choke when you eyes slowly catch all the words. You starting to feel your hands trembling, and overjoyed at the same time. You want to scream and you can't stop yourself from squealing in your mind.You jumped a bit with a wide smile plastered on your face. This is so great! my boys are here! omg omg omg. You continued scrolling down to catch on more news about them. I wonder which hotel they gonna stay. You hummed a happy tone and can't stop yourself from smiling, brightly. "hyung, how long it takes for the lift to arrive at our destination?" The boy with beanie asked, he cutely pouted as the sign that he's getting tired. "3 floors to go" a boy with a big spectacles answered with a smile.

The boys once again caught your attention, you didn't understand what are they saying because they obviously interacted in korean. The eager feels suddenly came, you've been curious all this time but you just ignored the feeling. But now, seem like your eager came to max. With a smile still patch on your face,you lifted up your head to the left, towards them. In a split, your mouth fall down and your heart rate start increasing massively,it became worst when you can't breath properly. It's like there's something in your throat and it prevent you from transfer all the oxygen into your lungs. Your mind seemed to stop functioning. You froze on the spot and your eyes look like it want to bounce out. This is so not made senses,

It was them, Luhan and Kai.

So, I was in the car and then suddenly I came up with this Imagine, lol there's a lot of it. I might make this as my warm-up before I write a real fanfic ^^ " Enjoy? /sipping my hot chocolate/  

lots of love, Nadya

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