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Sunday, 18 November 2012

little things

Ha, indeed I different in the real life compare in this virtual world. In the virtual life, I will acted like I'm so cool. Yeah I'm really give me a blanket.Okay, let's continue and talk about something that more normal than this. Did I overacted for all this time? Oh yes I did. I tend to makes everyone laugh with my stupid jokes. I don't like having an awkward situation. But sometimes I made joke to myself, by acting like a dork, I just don't care about myself. It's natural for me to acted like that. What an idiot.

Let's stop this topic at here; 16/11/2012 it's already been 4 months since I saw you. What a surprise, I still waiting for you. Haha you break the record dude. I never been this far eh wait....I once liked a boy more than a year, but he were in front of my eyes and you didn't. Okay, that's doesn't count. Hmp, what should I say to you? I miss you? I like you?...I hate you?. Now stop. Listen carefully oh no it's read carefully, I know it's strange how I've been madly crushing over you for all this month but I really need to say this. Arh, can you just stop me from being this unmanageable? Just say HI to me is enough! You're ignorant bird brain! I hate you for being you! You rascal! you made me this chaos with your smile and you just leave me alone?! I don't know the way to tell you how much I miss you and how much I hate you.

 You don't even update your status! just uploaded your ugly photos and then disappeared again!. You don't even know that I always daily check your profile. I meant everyday! and there's nothing I can do. You know? my friends praised your good-looking-face. Eiuwwww, you're not that handsome. Yup, I lied. Okay now shut up.

Good luck for your SPM dude, I always prayed for you everyday. I didn't lie this time! I really did. How's your brother? Nope, not Abang nam. Your first brother :) haha you know? at first I thought he was your father lol sorry. I misses all the memories back then at the hospital. I guess we will meet someday? I hope so. Thank you for being my crush for all this freaking 4 months. Thanks again....for everything :')

lots of love, Nadya.

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