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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My Fault.

Sometimes I just can't bear with it. It makes me feel weak. Those memories is killing me slowly. Do you know that I'm exist?. Misses you every minutes in my life. It's hard for me to handle. You live far away from me. But I feel you're close with me. Give me your spirit when I'm in miserable. Take my hand and drag me to the new world. I know you were there, deep in my heart. You owned my soul without hindrance. I wish you can notice me. Notice my feeling towards you. But I'm to afraid if you know all my true feelings. I'll be ashamed. I'm not like a typical teenagers. I'm a shy girl. Doesn't know how to react when boys approach me. If they said 'Hey' and I will make my wtf-don't-talk to me faces

For your information, if it's not because of you, I will not smile throughout those freaking 4 days. I just want to see your 'expensive' smile. And, I did it. You smiled to me. Your eyes...until today I can't understand why I can feel somethings. You're heartbroken maybe? Or you're sad? Gahh, I don't know. If you read this, are you gonna curse me?. I'm sorry if I annoyed you with my stupid sad stories about crush-ing over you, I can't stop from liking you. You maybe will hate me after this. But,it's not all my fault. I struggled to look for the nearest exit. I didn't find it. I believe we can meet again. When we meet again in the future, I want to see you patch your smile on your face. All I ever want and need is your smiles. Because I know that there is some magic in your smiles. 

I have to confess this. You mean the world for me. Please stay in my heart,forever...............

lots of love,Nadya.

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