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Monday, 3 September 2012

Little conversation

You're different. Not an ordinary guy. You're just too special for me. Even though we're still strangers. There's this thing about you that I can't describe, but it draws me in like nobody ever has. If anyone ask me if you're handsome or not. I will smile, only me knows how handsome you're to me. I don't care with everyone judgement. You are you and I only want you. I knew there's something with you when we stared to each other. I felt the world freeze for a moment, giving us chances to know each other. Remember? we also have our own 'little conversation' lol. Not really a real conversation but a still for me.


A. Nam: Siapa tu?
Nadya: Hah? *comes closer*
A. Nam: Siapa tu? *smiles*
Nadya: *look at you* Oh, ayah *smiles*
A. Nam: Oh, kenapa dengan dia?
Nadya: Kena bedah, kepala dia ada pendarahan.
A. Nam: Oh yeke, macam mana boleh kena?
Nadya: Ha? Oh? Um.. macam mana ek? err... *looks down*
You: *looks at me* Accident?
Nadya: *looks at you* Ah, yeah. Accident.....betul lah tu *grin*
A. Nam: Dah berapa hari kat sini?
Nadya: Umm, tiga hari kot. Ha, tiga hari.
A. Nam: Oh, lagi lama dari kita orang lah. haha.
Nadya: Ahaha, yeahh *smiles* *walks away*

/End flashback/

I laughed every time when this scene popped out in my mind. It's just fun for me. Okay, enough for today. I will write our memories one by one. It's already past 1 months 17 days since the last day I met with you, so I don't really have a good memory but I still can remember the 'important' things about you x)

Yaa buddy, good luck with your trial. Don't push yourself to hard. It'll be alright if we stay calm. Try the best because I know you can do it. Keep smile as bright as the sun. I hope I can help you through all this. But you're far away from me. I just can pray for you everyday and support you from here. Fighting! :)

lots of love, Nadya.

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