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Monday, 19 December 2011


Fuhh~ Last nite was the best day ever!Btw you know what? My original post is gone and i have to start it over again.Pfft that's a hardwork you know but it's okay~ everything for my xander ♥ So, 18.12.11 the date that I will sure not forget.The day that everything happens and change my life.Xander~ now I'm your officially stalker Hahaha.You dont mind ryte?.Yah! you already ruin my Bias list lah, such a naughty boy.When I saw you perform at stage I totally forgot about SHINee Lol.Poor them xD.Oh yahh~ congrats with your First Solo Mini Album.Your songs so DAEBAK! I love it so much.I cant stop sing it in my head.You look So Handsome So Hot So Cute ! I totally go insane when I saw you at stage xD I scream as loud as I can.Xander ah~ you so kind and friendly to us.Can I hug you next time when you come to malaysia? can lah~ Lol.You just to adorable for me!.The best things is I can see you infront of my eyes.The sign and the sweet part~ auw ♥ You just gave me a sweet memories that I can kept it close in my mind.Can I asume that as my Birthday Present ? Yes I will asume that xD.When you dance the bad girl part, I was just asdfghjkl OH MAN! THATS HOT! SEXY! I cant let go my eyes on you.You make my heart beat.When I meet you at the stage, you say "HYE! HOW ARE YOU TODAY? FINE?" and I answered "YES! TOTALLY FINE!".I felt myself Blushing >< so sweet!.Alexander~ can you teach me English? your English was very very Awesome! you made me shy to talk to you in English >< So perfect ! I envy with you lol.When I step down from the stage I bet you hear my voices scream xD Hahaha and I totally bet you can hear me when my friend /aieni/ join me screams and everybody look at us xD.WE SO HAPPY! TOTALLY HAPPY!.Because of you I always say 'Lah' and you love Durian ryte? DAEBAK ^^ .I wish you will come back again and give us more suprise ! :D.And thanks to Aieni and Kak Ainur for gave me a ride and Thanks for being so sporting Kak Lilly, she's so cute >< not to forget my little pretty bidan terjun friend Qyla~ Thanks for accompany me dear :') You guys are so DAEBAK! And from now on I will call my self a Xanderette ♥ Once Xanderettes always Xanderettes :) xander fighting ! Saranghaeyo ~!♥ pstt, Tangan kanan saya mahal ! tidak boleh disentuh sesuka hati ;p

You know what! this template cant allowed me to put picture -.- I gonna change it ASAP!

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